Exploring gait with Andrew Gibbons

Andrew Gibbons teaches Feldenkrais in Manhattan, New York.
Every teacher develops a unique handwriting.

Andrew has a special gift in teaching with the help of films, where he makes the viewer follow his distinct analysis of biological posture in clear steps. With his consent I publish his YouTube movies at somatik.se for an easy access and referral for my students and the readers of my site. 

There is a paradox in the Feldenkrais Method.

At one hand we say it is wrong to correct, as Sheryl Field explains here. Link[+]

On the other hand, most of us we need more advice than just explore and you will find.

The special niche of Feldenkrais is the deep understanding of the relationship between gravity and the skeleton. That the later evolved in order to handle gravity. The latest discovery of the first creature with a skeleton date between 550 million and 560 million years old. Link[+] We need a perspective of 200 000 – 300 000 years to find an early human. When asked what is good posture I usually say the original is best, that is to understand how a human skeleton can handle gravity efficient.

Andrew Gibbons has, among other things, picked up the simple sequences of walking where the complexity becomes more graspable and clearer. In Feldenkrais, understanding of the concept of support is crucial for a fruitful process and increased ability.

The movies speak for themselves. Enjoy






6) Analysis of gait

7) Five days course