Corollary Discharge

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The forgotten link;
Remarks on the body - mind problem

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In 2008 YR published his thoughts after 5 decades of practice & research around the Feldenkrais Method and its relevance to science.

The monograph, Corollary Discharge, The Forgotten Link - Remarks on the Body-Mind Problem, is a condensed reading how a mechanism in the mind/brain can be utilized for continuous learning and relearning namely corollary discharge.


"...Once an intention of action is formed, communication is sent from the motor system to the sensory systems to prepare the body for the intended movement. This communication is called corollary discharge, a little-understood aspect of our neuromuscular functioning. Learned through repetition that is performed with sensory awareness, the corollary discharge is highly developed in people of skill (musicians, athletes, surgeons...) and becomes an integral part of their self image, allowing them to have ease, fluidity and congruence in their movements.

Yochanan Rywerant brings this subliminal aspect of our selves to conscious awareness, both for the appreciation of the function and so that we may become more able to deeply sense and enhance our motor functioning. Through this mastery of mind-body education, he teaches us how to utilize corollary discharge to resolve conflicting patterns and open the channels of communication between our motor and sensory systems..."

From the foreword by Eleanor Criswell Hanna

More from Eleanor Criswell ; Corollary discharge, an important link in somatic education Link[+]

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About corollary discharge from the book Acquiring the feldenkrais profession by Y. R. and How brains make up their minds by Walter J. Freeman PDF[+]

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