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My name is Eva Laser

Since 1991 I work as a Feldenkrais teacher in Solna, a suburb of Stockholm. I was born in this city, but for 7 years, in my early 20:ies, I lived and studied at the Wingate Institute, Israel to become a registered physiotherapist. Sometime after the October War, in the winter of 1974, a classmate invited me to come with her to the open ATM classes in the Feldenkrais Method, which was held in the Alexander Yanai street in Tel Aviv. I went for a year or so twice a week.

Eva porträttI understood and did not understand. And I was not curious enough and did not take any FI lessons from the many newly trained teachers who lived in Tel Aviv

In 1978 I moved back to Sweden, began practicing PT in a primary care setting, got married and had two children. My interest became the newly established specialization health and preventive medicine, and I was trained to be an ergonomist. By chance I got an invitation to participate in a professional Feldenkrais training hold in Stockholm by Yochanan Rywerant who was a close assistant of Dr. Feldenkrais. This was 1988. I did not hesitate a minute. Then as now  most if not all Feldenkrais professional training occurs at a private basis. Swedish Feldenkraisföreningen was organizing and YR educational director and trainer.

YR introduced me not only to the basic theories and techniques of the Feldenkrais Method, he also introduced me to Somatics and the writings of Thomas Hanna. Hanna was one of the organizers of the San Francisco Feldenkrais training in 1973-75. I decided to take the concept of Somatics into Swedish.

The way I use the Swedish word somatik  surrounds man as subject and totality, alive and feeling, without excluding, but clearly including. Soma is Greek and means the living body as a whole.

When our thoughts and language name ourselves as individuals - selves - something eventually happens to our consciousness and attention. The use of somatik in this way involves reflection on everyday concerns that is very convincing in respect of actions and being. We are affected by language, including its metaphors and symbols and language is influenced by the Zeitgeist, and events in the community. Professionally guiding people through & with the Feldenkrais Method constantly and daily confirm these ideas.

This website is all this strategy and related aspects, in a continuous creativity, for students, colleagues and curious visitors.

Over the years I have gained experience and skill, the craftmanship to be a professional Feldenkrais Teacher. I am involved in translating Dr. Feldenkrais' writing into Swedish and I meta teach colleagues. This website is mostly in Swedish but curious English readers might find the meny for advanced training and concepts of the Feldenkrais Method  interesting, as many articles and links are in English.

The meny Writings contains some of my translated essays.

You can find me at Facebook and Twitter

I publish a weekly ATM lesson for free at SoundCloud (but in my native tongue)

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The world is not just black and white, but rather it has all possible shades of grey.

It is easier to understand one another when we are friends, and have established a common meaning of words, than to speak precisely enough to be understood by those who do not wish to be led up the garden path.

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