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Here, at somatik.se, you'll find my description of the Feldenkrais System, texts which I have written, a selection of articles; texts in the sphere centering on the Feldenkrais Method from many different fields – these are often in English! A selection of books and other published material, and some links to additional sources.Take a tour!

I hope that you will be inspired and introduced to part of the concept which Feldenkrais relates to and represents. Down the page you will find two of my own publications translated to English.

Feldenkrais Skolan, "the Feldenkrais School" is the name of the teaching enterprise per ce. Here I teach groups in Awareness Through Movement / Improving the Ability and Functionel Integration (FI) for personal growth. Nowadays my rehabilition section is included here as well. Here I accept students with a medical question for a teaching at depth helping these indivduals to come back to work and a life within society. The results for those who sustain the learning are promising.

In 1996 a group of Feldenkrais teachers from Stockholm 1, 2 & 3 published a book in Swedish called Feldenkrais - learning to learn again. I participated with a chapter, a case history interwoven with my impressions of the Feldenkrais Method as such. Below is the English translation, edited  2003 together with Russell Hall, Feldenkrais teacher practicing in Cleveland, USA.
Since 1996 many of my students have read the chapter and recognized their own process and impressions that are similar from their learning.

A path of dicovery lessons with Anna [+]PDF

Body or frame [+]PDF

I have also written som texts for the Feldenkrais Community, published in Felddigest and Feldyforum where I used to be a vivid contributor. Teachers, who have access to Feldyforum, can search my name and find many discussions that formed me as a teacher.

The wind and the breath of life [+]PDF

Trademark and the public eye [+]PDF

Notification about some of the original text in Hebrew of Awareness through movement by Moshe Feldenkrais [+]PDF



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The world is not just black and white, but rather it has all possible shades of grey.

It is easier to understand one another when we are friends, and have established a common meaning of words, than to speak precisely enough to be understood by those who do not wish to be led up the garden path.

Moshe Feldenkrais The Elusive Obvious, Basic Feldenkrais