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Yochanan Rywerant no longer summons students around his bench or the floor to explain the elements of the Feldenkrais system. A long undertaking to make the principles of the method visible and explainable in a sensory context has reached a new phase. His refined touch is to be felt no more...

This eulogy by Eva Laser was published in Somatics Magazine Journal of the Mind/Body Arts and Sciences Volume XVI Number 3.

In Somatics Moshe Feldenkrais was a consulting editor, Yochanan Rywerant a Contributing Editor and Thomas Hanna founding editor.

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The world is not just black and white, but rather it has all possible shades of grey.

It is easier to understand one another when we are friends, and have established a common meaning of words, than to speak precisely enough to be understood by those who do not wish to be led up the garden path.

Moshe Feldenkrais The Elusive Obvious, Basic Feldenkrais