Notes on ATM and FI by Yochanan Rywerant

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This article is published in November 2018. I have recently attended a gathering for feldenkrais teachers with the purpose to keep the didactic way developed by Yochanan Rywerant available and spread. The book Acquiring the Feldenkrais Profession is since long out of print in English with no date when it will be available again.

The document about FI (Functional Integration) was handed out in a gathering in Tel Aviv in 2007. The ATM document some other time. The knowing shall be available, that is what I learned from Yochanan Rywerant. 

Feldenkrais theory is difficult. The A B C and the 1 - 2 -3 of how is not so often listed. The above documents are helpful. The answers are not obvious.

In an attempt of openness I leave them for anyone to study.

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