Teaching by handling

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The Feldenkrais Method Teaching by Handling was published 1983 at Harper & Row

200The authorized edition of the training manual of basic theories and techniques. Indipensable för teachers and their pupils.
This front cover is from the third edition printed in 2003.
The foreword is written by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais.

If you want an electronic copy you can fint it at itunes Link[+] and ReadHowYouWant Link[+]


Yochanan used to give handouts. The following is from an advanced training in Tel Aviv December 2007 PDF[+]


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The world is not just black and white, but rather it has all possible shades of grey.

It is easier to understand one another when we are friends, and have established a common meaning of words, than to speak precisely enough to be understood by those who do not wish to be led up the garden path.

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